General information

Career Youth Center Dubrovnik is an NGO which was established in 2015, the president and founder is Marko Žmirak. We are focused on the youth and their involvement with local politics, their education, etc. We have tried to increase their knowledge with various volunteering opportunities, seminars meant to educate them about the topics they wish to learn and to prepare them for the future.


Through our previous projects we were able to organise 2 teams with mentors, our main way of securing finances comes from EU and national projects. Our newest objective is organising a third team which will be responsible for projects on a local level.

  • 5 Finished projects
  • 4 Projects led
  • 1 Project as partners

Through our actions so far we were able to organise two teams with mentors mentorimate we have published numerous projects which were founded through various means, primarily through national EU funds. Constant team advancements come through internal and external education in various fields in which the teams specialise. Our newest program is the specialisation of the third team which will be responsible for solving concrete issues in the local community, with innovative solutions in cooperation with a wide array of partners. In this way a process of educating the youth about their civic duties with mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our vision

Our goal is to give a chance to anyone who wants to make their own projects a reality, using all of the tools at our disposal. Since the university of Dubrovnik doesn’t have developed practical programs for work with students, one of our goals is a partnership with the university to develop a program which will improve the students know-how to help them be as ready as possible when the time comes to search for employment.

Inform and educate the youth to achieve development on a local level, as well as encouragement of completing ones civic duties which will result in a cooperation of local communities with local administration in purpose of developing social awareness and solidarity. Although our main focus will still fall upon on educating the youth because an alarming majority forget about their civic duties (or are not educated enough on the topic) and are not educated enough on the topic of student rights.